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Sermide is a quiet village on the banks of the Po river in the Padana plain.
Villa Castellani is a late eighteenth century villa with a beautiful park surrounding it.
The villa can accomodate up to 10 people for a minimum of three days stay.

Art and History

- Sermide is located in a strategic geographic place to visit some of Italy’s most relevant artistic cities. In fact, in one hour car-drive you can easily reach: Mantova, Verona, Vicenza, Padova, Ferrara, Bologna, Modena, Este, Montagnana, Monselice. In one hour and a half drive, instead, you can visit Venezia, Parma and Ravenna, as well as the Lago di Garda and the Delta del Po.

Mantova, beautiful court of the Gonzaga family for four centuries

Verona, with its famous Arena (offering an extraordinary summer opera season) and other unique Roman monuments, Gothic and Romanic churches, Renaissance buildings, Romeo and Juliet’s balcony

- Vicenza, famous for Andrea Palladio’s villas

- Padova, with its churches and beautiful Giotto frescos

Venezia, filled with charm and mystery

- Ferrara, sumptuous Renaissance court of the Este family

- Bologna, capital of the Emilia region, full of history and notorius for its millenary University and its sublime cuisine

- Modena, with its Gothic cathedral and with Italy’s emblems - Ferrari and Ducati

- Parma, residence of the Farnese and Borbone duchies

- Ravenna, with its famous Byzantine period mosaics

Sermide has a railway station (Ferrara-Suzzara line) thanks to which you can easily reach:

- Ferrara in about 30 minutes

- Bologna and Verona in about 90 min

- Venezia in about 2 hours

For information on departing\arrival train schedules: 

Venezia can also be reached by ferry-boat! From Fusina’s parking-place (10 km from Mestre’s exit on the A4 highway, following the Marghera direction, strada Romea); a ferry-boat leaves every hour to get to Piazza San Marco in about 20 minutes. 


Sports and Nature

Ten bicycles are available for our guests to enjoy fun trips on the Po’s banks; eastwards you can reach Stellata and cross the bridge on the Po’ river at Ficarolo and get back to Sermide on the northern side via Castelmassa (35 Km). A similar trip, this time westwards, can be undertaken by crossing the bridge on the Po’ river at Revere. In both cases, from the banks of the river you can admire delightful villages, antique little churches, Stellata’s fortress “Rocca Possente” … 

Golf courses one hour and a half away by car.

Verona Sommacampagna, Bologna, Albarella, Padova.

Boating - Fishing - Horseback riding

All along the Po’s banks natural reserves can be walked-through. The vegetation is rich of poplars and willow-trees and numerous birds can be easily spotted, such as: egretta garzettas, coots, various species of ducks, cormorants, herons, etc.,  

Natural Reserve ‘Isola Boschina’ at Ostiglia

Natural Reserve ‘Isola Boscone’ at Carbonara Po

Natural Riserve  ‘del Gruccione’ at Sermide 


Excellent Cuisine

Sermide’s geographical position allows our guests to taste gastronomic specialties of three different Italian regions - Lombardia, Veneto and Emilia – with different characteristics but all very tasty. Typical dishes of Mantova’s cuisine are: tortelli di zucca (pasta with a pumpkin filling), agnolini (pasta with different types of filling), risotto col tartufo (rice with truffle, typical in the area of the Po’ banks between Revere and Sermide), luccio in salsa con polenta (pike in a corn salsa), stracotto d’asino (a donkey specialty), salami, la torta sbrisolona (mantova’s typical dessert). The local well-known wine is the Lambrusco, a light sparkling red wine. List of recommended Restaurants available in the villa.


Relax and Family

In case our guests are not interested in moving around, they can always relax in our beautiful garden or swimming-pool and have a taste of our orchard’s fruits.

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